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Our global economy requires that goods be able to move from point to point in a seamless fashion. The Bar Pilots keep the global transfer of goods running smoothly by providing timely, safe, and efficient service. Our 150 years of proven reliability has allowed the Mississippi River and Louisiana’s ports to become an international powerhouse by ensuring safe guidance to tens of thousands of ships every year, carrying cargoes worth billions of dollars from all corners of the world.

  • Louisiana and the Mississippi River deep water port system, stretching over 250 miles, is home to five of the world’s largest ports, allowing access to hundreds of facilities such as grain elevators, refineries, general cargo docks, container terminals, bulk handling faculties, mid-stream operations, and cruise ship terminals
  • Bar Pilots must be trained and ready to Pilot a varied type and size of ship on any given day and maneuver them around a host of other maritime vessels. Our system can handle cargoes as varied as grain, coal, steel, crude oil, chemicals, containers, coffee, minerals, cement, boxes, all contributing the overall economic success of our nation

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