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Training and Education

Becoming a Bar Pilot takes time and experience. By the time one becomes a State Commissioned Bar Pilot they will have:

  • Earned an undergraduate degree
  • Minimum one-year at sea on ocean going vessel
  • Obtained a USCG first class Pilot license
  • Served several years in the Bar Pilot apprentice training program
  • Completed nearly 1,000 trips with a State Commissioned Bar Pilot along the waterways we serve

This means that before becoming a Louisiana State Commissioned Bar Pilot, an individual must dedicate almost a decade of education and training.

Bar Pilots are widely acknowledged as being among the best trained and qualified in the world because hands on experience during the apprentice training and number of trips logged is second to none.

This is why our safety record and efficiency at moving vessels is so high.

During their tenure, a Pilot will be required to maintain a USCG Pilot License, remain active on the Pilot route, submit an annual physical, enroll in a random drug testing program, and participate is continuing education.

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