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Industry Involvement and Community Outreach

There are five major international ports comprised of hundreds of facilities stretching nearly 250 miles of deep water navigation channels. Because the port system in Louisiana along the Mississippi River is one of the largest in the world, mariners of large ocean going ships must share the waterways.

Tug boats, barges, dredges, commercial fishing vessels, recreational sportsmen, offshore service vessels, and ferries combined with traffic density, strong currents, shoaling channels, and sharp bends make it a challenging place to operate and require the coordination of many entities to keep things moving smoothly.

To achieve a safe environment, Bar Pilots work with and participate in many organizations and entities, a few examples include:

  • United States Coast Guard
  • Shipping agents
  • United States Corps of Engineers
  • Port Safety Council
  • Lower Mississippi River Waterways Safety Advisory Council
  • Board Of Trade
  • Mississippi Valley Trade and Transport Council
  • World Trade Center
  • Propeller Club
  • Mastermates & Pilots Association
  • American Pilot Association
  • Louisiana River Pilots Association
  • Louisiana Association of Business & Industry Trade & Tourism Council
  • Maritime Pilots Institute
  • Millennium Port Authority
  • River Pilots Fee Commission

The Bar Pilots have initiated several outreach programs to help other mariners in their area become better educated in safer navigation on the waterways of South Louisiana. This effort is ongoing and is in coordination with The USCG as well as other mariner groups.

We have also initiated a matching fund program that allows individual Pilots to make a contribution to their non- profit organization that will be matched in kind by the Pilot Association.

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