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Established in 1879, the Associated Branch Pilots have maintained a level of safe and efficient Pilot service that is respected by all in the maritime industry.

The Associated Branch Pilots are on location and on call 24 hours a day throughout the year, allowing for a continuous monitoring of local conditions and to provide Pilot service whenever a ship arrives. Locally the Pilots are referred to as Bar Pilots, so named for their expertise in guiding ships through the ever shifting sand bars at the mouth of the Mississippi River. The Pilots use proven techniques that have been developed over the last 150 years of service to navigate the numerous sand bars and high density traffic. Today, Pilots combine their historical expertise with modern technology to help shippers maximize the amount of cargo they can ship with the same level of safety and efficiency that the Bar Pilots are recognized for.

The Bar Pilots advise maritime businesses on matters as varied as recommended loading drafts, dredging efforts, operating procedures, traffic schemes, and navigational aid placement, Safety is a vital concern to the Bar Pilots, The Association also works closely with governmental agencies and industry, and serves on committees directly involved with the success of Louisiana’s waterways.

The Associated Branch Pilots are adding real value to the Louisiana maritime industry each and every day by ensuring the safe and efficient movement of goods through America's busiest waterways.

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